Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Little Foxes - Ep. 1

I try to verify as many facts as possible for each episode in result, one of the people I contacted for The Little Foxes episode was Tracy Murphy, the caretaker of the original stone foundation of the Hydesville home, pictured above. By the time she replied I had already recorded the episode but, she provided some further information of interest. The salesman, whose remains were discovered, was Charles B. Rosna. Not only was his case found but his family Bible as well. The pair of items are on display at what is now considered to be the heart and home of the Spiritualist movement,

Tracy also reports that the original house was moved to Lily Dale in 1916 and in Sept. 1955 the cottage burned to the ground. There is a Memorial Meditation Garden and a stone marker in its place now. On the original property a man by the name of John Drummond built a replica but that too was burned to the ground in 1983. 

1852 lithograph of the Fox sisters, Margaret, Kate and Leah. 

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